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    Achappam, commonly known as rose cookies are a sweet, crunchy snack that are made using a traditional Indian 'achu' cast iron mold. These delicious snacks are from the Indian state of Kerala and contain a delicious blend of rice, coconut milk, sugar and eggs.
    Amma's Kitchen makes fine traditional Indian snacks that will satisfy your snack cravings! Whether you pack Amma's Kitchen snacks as part of a school lunch for your child or keep them at home for snack, you're sure to be satisfied with the quality of our products.
    Amma's Kitchen allows you to snack on the delicious flavors of India anytime! All of Amma's products are made from the finest ingredients and spices on the market - providing you with vibrant aromas and the flavors of India at your fingertips.
    Looking to satisfy your craving for Achappam (Indian Rose Cookies)? Let Amma's Kitchen take care of your cravings with this bag of Achappam!
    When you purchase from Amma's Kitchen, you're purchasing quality Indian Food products! Proudly distributed through-out the United States, Amma's Kitchen specializes in exceptional food products that are sourced from the highest quality ingredients. Amma's Kitchen has the snacks you need to relish in the bold flavors of India!